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Who We Are?

Profitability of today’s corporate identities depend on the right and effective pursuit of receivables. Our goal is to make successful recoveries both international and local, from the liable third parties. Global Recovery Services(GRS) is an international recovery agent providing claims management and recovery services to its clients in marine and non-marine industries.

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We support insurers, reinsurers, P&I Clubs, brokers, traders, shipping agencies/ managers, importers/ exporters, law firms and companies who are uninsured or whose claims fall below deductible.

Proffessional Lawyers

Our staff consists of recovery specialists, insurance proffesionals, lawyers and engineers who are well experienced in marine and transport cargo claims.international cargo

We as GRS have an extended worldwide network of lawyers, arbitrators, surveyors, mediators that enables us to negotiate and settle all kinds of complex disputes including mainly cargo claims that arise during carriage of goods by sea/air/road/railroad. We investigate claims from the first hand, collect all the relavant documents and information by consulting our specialists and lawyers in order to settle both parties with no expenses and less time. If settlement is not reached during pre-legal stages of all communications with the debtors, we are able to keep handling claims throughout the litigation processes with our international lawyer partners. Sometimes, sides may decide for an amicable settlement before legal procedures come to an end. 

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Sometimes legal procedures are followed all the way to the end, resulting with a court order and/or arbitration award which may still not be enough to collect funds. GRS following up the whole process from the very first moment that disputes arise can again come into scene to collect the funds ordered by the legal system by court orders and arbitration awards.

In settling commercial disputes on behalf of our principals; we work on contingency basis

(so called No Cure-No Pay).


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