About Global Recovery Services (GRS)

Mission & Vision?

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Mission: To recover contract based international and national B2B receivables on contingency base terms, making good use of our international specialist partners with high professionalism and under law in the most cost effective way for our principal.

Vision: To bring our company to the most front line in international and national arena in its field, letting it be the leader by providing the most favorable results for its principals.

GRS Introduction

“Global Recovery Services” is a local debt collection company and its services are on “no cure no pay” basis.

Debt collection agencyThe company is established in Turkey but as its name denotes, it is entitled to recover claims all around the world. We have offices in Istanbul and New Jersey/USA.

Having started off recovering some insurance claims (cargo damages/ shortages regarding goods in transit, machinery breakdowns, plant fires etc) in the name of some reputable insurance companies in Turkey, Global Recovery Services has covered a good distance in its area, in a short while. GRS is being supported by several professionals in many jurisdictions such as maritime insurance brokers, experts and a network of lawyers. For transportation claims that are subject to English Law and jurisdiction; GRS -thru its partners in the UK- is able to provide the legal services, if need be, without any legal cost to its clients by offering a legal expenses insurance. In other jurisdictions, GRS is only asking legal expenses from its clients, where legal fees will be in competitive rates and expects payment of its fees once the recovery is made. Fee arrangement is designed and agreed with clients at the start of each individual case, depending on the jurisdiction and merits of the dispute.Law and jurisdiction

Fee arrangement is designed and agreed with clients at the start of each individual case, depending on the jurisdiction and merits of the dispute.

We are open to listening to your working conditions and hope to be able to work with you in several cases. If you deem fit, you may forward our humble company introduction above to your co-workers or other companies that you feel may need our services. We usually begin doing the peace talks with debtors at the early stages of a debt collection procedure. If the debtor obstinately refuses to pay the money that they owe then most of the time there is no alternative other than executing legal procedures. As you will sure appreciate, we are interested with all your receivables and NOT ONLY with your problematic receivables. Otherwise, our resources may not be sufficient to deal with ONLY the problematic receivables of each and every company.

Additionally; as you must be aware; in most policies, there is this deductible issue; that the insured is not happy with. As long as it is definite, who the recourse action should be directed to; we can fight for the deductible value, which is not paid by the insurer, to protect your rights, fully. In most claims, we can pursue the values below deductible also.

Why Global Recovery Services (GRS)?

Profitability of today’s businesses depend on the right and effective pursuit of receivables. Our goal is to make successful recoveries internationally from the liable third parties. We investigate claims from the first hand, collect all the relavant documents and information by consulting our specialists and lawyers in order to settle both parties with no expenses and less time.

insurance claims handlerGRS, having begun its career as the first marine related recovery agents in Turkey has established its reputation in a shortwhile to a wider coverage including most commercial dispute resolutions arising from several types of commercial activities. Working with GRS will give you the advantages of the following;

Advantages with GRS?

Speedy collections due to efficient dispute settlement process management

Protecting your brand by avoiding direct contact with your debtor(s)

Benefitting from our deep expertise in every country that you may have interactions with

Overriding language barriers

Overriding difficulties arising from different time zones

Avoiding unnecessary legal costs by succefful amicable settlement management


Our Clients?

Insurance and Reinsurance Companies’ recovery departments

All liability insurers including P&I Clubs

Hull and Machinery Insurers

Maritime Companies

Ship owners

Ship brokers/ Insurance brokers/ Cargo brokers

Export & Import Companies & Logistics Companies


Uninsured risk owners

Court Debt Collection