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insurance claimsWe can work as your claims consultants. If we are instructed in the most early stages possible of a claim, we make sure that all neccessary precautions against successful recovery are taken. Once we are instructed to pursue a claim; we overtake the responsibility of coordinating with the relevant parties like the surveyors, brokers, agents, ship owners, charterers, shippers, receivers, freight forwarders and we make sure to collect all relevant documents that are crucial for a succesful recovery. Such as;

insurance management

Contract between parties like Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, CMR, CIM
Survey Reports
Damage Protest/Notice
Insurance Policies
Draft Survey Reports/Ullage Reports/Empty Tank Certificates
Security Letter etc.


Having a good knowledge of local jurisdictions and international conventions such as;

Hague Rules, Hague-Visby Rules, Hamburg Rules, Rotterdam Rules for sea freight
CMR for road carriages
Montreal/Warsaw Protocol for air freight
CIM (COTIF2) for rail movements
New York Convention
GAFTA & FOSFA Contracts and Arbitrations

is crucial for a succesful recovery.

Our wide network of specialist lawyers / arbitrators / mediators leave us enough room to offer amicable settlement either before or after legal procedures. Our recovery services condense on following types of disputes;

marine cargo claimsMARINE



litigationSometimes, despite our principals’ goodwill, all efforts towards amicable settlement may fail and you may have to litigate. If that is the case with the support of our international lawyer partners, we may start judicial procedures in the competent jurisdiction. We obtain lawyers’ quotations for you to compare and decide. After one law firm is selected, we keep in touch with the relevant law firm and report the advancements overcoming your possible difficulties like the language barrier, time zone difference etc.

marine insurance

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